Soul Skin

Welcome to the camp

It is not simple and I have thought for a long time, years I would say, consciously and unconsciously, contemplating whether it could be right to express what I have experienced, what I am creating, but above all the elaborations of what I see.

In this space, which I consider more intimate than the various social channels, I will discuss topics and intersect thoughts that have or will have an effect on my work in terms of emotional research and consequently, on my works.

I hope you do not confuse the apparent lack of humility with a cynical and realistic, rationalist and sincere sense; principles that for me have always been the cornerstone for evaluating my work or those of third parties.

There are works and artists who have really managed to upset my mood, how can they not influence me? Attention, by influencing I don't mean from a technical-visual point of view, but from an exclusively emotional point of view.

I see art as a universal language in its own right which, in order to decipher it in its entirety, one must know it and have a greater number of references and possible interpretations.

Basically what is the true purpose of creation, of true art, if not to try to overturn the deep emotions of man as a human being; that primordial feeling, acute and disarming, like when we are faced with something that we are not able to manage emotionally.

To enclose it all in one word: reality.

Here I will walk, in fact, paths and arguments on how to face and consequently how I will face this challenge, in getting even "a grain of sand" closer to reality.

Know that I will not have half measures in achieving this goal and I will not be afraid to change my opinion often and even to contradict myself.

This is specific as I am aware that trying to reason about art and (true) beauty is like trying to describe something that has never been seen; at the same time I also think that it is not simply reaching the goal, but at least giving importance to the right direction in achieving this goal, which is realistically much more human and achievable.

In short words:

|I don't think man will ever come to possess true beauty or create something that "works" at 100%, but he can always aspire to express himself in the right direction.