Soul Skin


Honor to the Recruits

The relationship I've always had with clothes I could describe as morbid and obsessive. Attention: not so much for a personal or fashion context, but as a social mirror. Morbid and obsessive because I have always looked at them as beings in their own right, part of a creative and social path to which they have made [...]

Welcome to the camp

It is not simple and I have thought for a long time, years I would say, consciously and unconsciously, contemplating whether it could be right to express what I have experienced, what I am creating, but above all the elaborations of what I see. In this space, which I consider more intimate than the various social channels, I will discuss topics and intersect thoughts that have or [...]

The label

I remember well the spasmodic desire to mold my creations on the human being, a desire that then transformed, changing from small intentions into more precise objectives. An infinite path that I am still following today. This desire had to be labeled, it had to have a name; how could I call this will? Art, in all its forms and nuances, [...]